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bada bing photography

'Do what you want to do, be what you want to be, yeah,'

Definition of bada bing (slang):
2. An expression like 'voila' as something is finished well or is pleasingly completed.

I am an explorer of personalities. I capture the essence of people through my camera. I create movements for my clients so they feel comfortable and know what to do. Then I capture that moment. I may sing at times, so just ignore that. I still get excited to see the photographs I've just captured, and I upload them to 'Bingo', my computer, as soon as possible because it's like unwrapping a present and seeing what's inside. Then I get cracking, making the image come alive with colour and other artistic bits and bobs to take the image to a even happier place.

So glad you stopped by to meet me!

I am a song singing, music teaching, child loving, chocolate eating, art making, child's room painting, cake creating, messy and weird child craft time enthusiast, who is mother of two, with a husband who forgets he is not a child anymore and still believes with all his heart one day he'll get a trail bike.

I love to spend as much time as possible outdoors in the sun exploring our Aussie land, I need to be near the water, and I neeeed to create fresh family fun times often and of course take a gazillion photos of it . . . and I too believe in keeping your child instincts and laughing a whole lot.